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About Us

AQAroma Quotient, the intelligence of aroma.

Our core belief is to avoid artificial fragrances, synthetic and all unnecessary ingredients in our products and to use only the most effective and essential ingredients.                                                      

We provide you and your family with alternative lifestyle product choices that are natural, non-toxin and fragrance-free in different aspect from head-to-toe.

Knowing everyone’s is special, unique and different with their own living style, we specialized in prescribe therapeutic aromatherapy care for special needs. Clients are asked in-depth questions about their lifestyle before a product is formulated, tailored to a person’s exact requirements for their best fit. We have treatment plan for short term concerns, such as skin allergies, temporary inflammation as well as long term skincare concerns, such as eczema, psoriasis, skin discolorations, after surgery scars. In addition special aromatherapy for pregnancy and childbirth care project are designed to each client on their different stages for their special needs.

We also have a Blending Bar with wide range of therapeutic and organic essential oils, natural ingredients and base materials for anyone who interested to take charge for their own needs, and maybe extend their love to their friends and family by blending their own collections.




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