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Non-toxic Life

Ms. Ho, 32 years old
Account Director of Advertising Agency
Cannot have a restful night makes me can’t concentrate on my work, everything seems not right. I’ve tried so many alternative therapy, but they doesn’t work that well. Until recently I realized how important our indoor air quality can affect our health, I started to change my habit and using non-toxic cleaning agent for my house. Couple months later, I found an amazing changes, my son’s morning allergy were gone; my dog’s temper were under control, apparently less itchy on his skin; and also my skin were much softer and less sensitive than before, I used to have itchy and redness patches all the time. Additionally, Me and my husband both found we are having much better sleeping quality now than before. We are not only avoiding the toxins in those cleaning agent, we can also enjoy the pleasant smells that bought by the essential oils.