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Migraine Problem

Frances, 35 years old
My migraine problem bothers me for years, I remember the first time I aware it when I was 14, since than I took all kinds of pain killer to control my migraine attack.
Until recent years, I moved to my new apartment, I found my migraine attack were gone. After a careful detective search done by my Naturopath Doctor, he suspect that my problem maybe cause by my mom’s favorite scented cleansing detergent, and those “great” smells from laundry. He suggests on replacing all the products with strong scents, he said those scents doesn’t help in cleaning, it can only cover the problem. Then we began to search for the natural cleaning agent, and testing it one by one. I like those with natural essential oil, not only with it pleasant smells, it also has their unique antiviral, antibacterial functions, it makes me enjoy doing the housework sometimes. Plus my migraine was gone, why not, I will keeping testing.