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Body & Air Mist - Focus & Clarity

Body & Air Mist - Focus & Clarity


This amazing Body & Air Mist using only pure essential oils which brings you the total new experience of how it works with both your physical and mental body.  
Focus & Clarity :
Enhance alertness, dispels confusion, and sharpens attention, stimulate concentration while enhancing clarity.

To Use :
As Body Mist -
 Couple of spray in the air in front of oneself; closed the eyes, and walk through the cloud of scent, enveloped your whole body and spirit with the high protective and refreshing scent.                              

As Aromatherapy Air Mist - Through cold-air diffusion is the quick way to release the true power of essential oils into the air and their incredible effects at all levels of health and wellness.

Active Ingredients : Pure essential oils of Rosemary, Peppermint, Basil and Himalayan Cedarwood.



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