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Nappy Rash - 30g


Nappy rash is most commonly caused by the baby wearing wet soiled nappies for an extended period of time. The Urine and feces break down and release ammonia which in turn is reabsorbed into the skin. Nappy rash affects all babies, especially those with, skin problems like eczema, psoriasis, and also sensitive skin, if not treated right, nappy rash can become sever and infected with bacteria or fungi. 

AQ's Nappy Rash Ointment is packed with 100% natural ingredients to protect and calm your baby's tiny bottom. Simply smooth the ointment onto their delicate skin and let it work its way in.

Once applied, this soothing ointment will begin to clear up the redness and rashes on your baby's skin. It usually takes a few days for the skin to clear completely.

For best results apply a little of the ointment to your baby's bottom after every nappy change. This will help form a barrier that sits on the skin to protect your baby's bottom against moisture, while the therapeutic essential oils help to calm their delicate skin.

 To Use : Apply ointment to baby's bottom at nappy changing time after cleaning or apply as often as required.

Active Ingredients : Calendula infused oil, grapeseed oil, pure beeswax. Pure essential oils of Chamomile Roman and Lavender.



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