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Stretch Mark & Cellulite Disperser - 100ml


A pregnant woman's skin has to make major adjustments to prepare for the demands of pregnancy, childbirth and nursing period.

Fluctuating hormone levels, increased blood circulation, growing breasts and expanding belly can significantly challenge and alter a woman's skin.

Rapid stretching of the skin can damage the underlying connective tissue and leave permanent scars, known as stretch marks. Almost every woman earns at least a couple stretch marks by the end of her pregnancy. However, these can be prevented or reduced by massaging with AQ's Stretch Marks & Cellulites Disperser Oil into your thighs, hips, breasts and belly or anywhere else that needs nourishing and moisturizing. Massaging every night and morning from your fourth month onwards, it will nourish the skin and help maintain elasticity and it also calm the itching when the skin starts stretching.

To Use :  Massage daily onto thigh, tummy and buttlock area after shower until blend is completely absorbed.   

Active Ingredients : Sweet Almond Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Wheatgerm oil, Calendula Infused Oil; Vitamin E; Pure essential oils of Neroli and Mandarin.




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