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Synergies Essential Oil - 10ml


Choose one of the Synergies Essential Oil below : 

  • Spicy Thieves – Promote immunity, create barrier against illness, especially when around one are sick.
  • Nasal Allergies – Relieve allergy sneezing, sniffling and itchy red eyes; combat your running nose.
  • Mucus Cough – Help expels excess phlegm, mucus in the chest out of the respiratory system caused by viral infections.
  • Peace & Calm – Ease stressful situation, overcome fears, brings you peaceful and calming moment.
  • Focus & Clarity – Enhance alertness, dispels confusion, and sharpens attention, stimulate concentration while enhancing clarity.
  • Balance Well-Being – Create harmony energy flow through our body, reduce stress and generate relaxation and peaceful feeling.



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